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    F4 Migration Guru (F4MG) has Franchises in various cities in India and UAE region.

    Shruti Pednekar

    I am an Indian who migrated to Australia in 1995 as a wife of an Indian Australian citizen. I was lucky to get my PR visa in 3 months. Since setting my foot in Sydney, I have done a Business Diploma, worked in corporate organisations in management positions and now run a flourishing tutoring business. Australia has welcomed me with open arms, giving me the opportunity to avail the best of both worlds (India’s culture and Australia’s Land of Opportunity). 27 years ago, I was lucky to get my PR visa easily. But in current times I see the struggle new aspirants have to undergo. I became a part of F4MG to help new aspirants avail a guided professional help at every stage of the migration process. Please use the attached form, for any FREE enquiry relating to Migration / Australian Qualification / Visitor Visa / English IELTS and PTE exams / on how to earn extra income from your home (doing what I do or more).


    F4 Migration Guru (F4MG) is the Master Franchise of Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA).
    F4MG is the Master Franchise in India and UAE in association with Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA). IBA is an Australian-owned and operated firm established in 2014 that acts as an aggregator for Immigration and Qualification Businesses, and an ICT technical platform. IBA aims to bridge the gap by becoming a platform for Service Providers, Sales Agents, Outsourcing Sales Agents, and Master Franchises. The prime focus of F4MG is to facilitate Qualifications, Immigration, Settlement, and Business Expansions in Australia through IBA’s service providers. FBP International and Qualifications Australia (QA), specialise in Australian Immigration Law, Australian Permanent Residency and Business Visas, and Internationally Recognised Australian Qualifications. With our current locations in India and UAE, our vision is to expand operations and establish a strong presence in all major cities across these countries. F4MG strives to be known as a trusted and reliable brand for migration and qualification services. F4MG’s mission is to establish a reliable platform that specialises in immigration, settlement, qualifications, business expansions, English training, and tourism in Australia. The team at F4MG is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, seamless, and stress-free journey for each client.


    We Provide Specialised Service Solutions
    At F4MG, we offer specialised service solutions for immigration to Australia, as well as qualifications and business requirements.

    Australia enjoys a good standard of living and a balanced lifestyle, bolstered by a strong economy. Australia’s diversified culture…

    Qualifications Australia (QA) is about the skills and knowledge an individual has accumulated through their jobs, work and life experiences…

    Foreign nationals visiting Australia require a valid travel permit or tourist visa. Citizens from eligible countries can apply for an ETA…

    Aussie English provides extensive training for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE)…


    F4MG has affiliations and associations through its Australian Partners, including but not limited to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the South Australian Government, etc.