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Relative Visa
Those with close family relations residing in Australia are eligible for relative visas. Families can move to Australia and start a new life together with the help of these visas. Carer visas are intended for people who want to help people who are medically ill or disabled and who are Australian citizens or permanent residents in a significant and continuous manner. Application procedures, qualifying standards, and documentation needs are particular to carer and relative visas.
836 (Carer) Visa
The Onshore Partner Visa (Subclasses 820 & 801) enables the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia. Applying for both the Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) and Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801) simultaneously is the initial step towards obtaining the Permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). This permanent visa allows individuals to become permanent residents, work, study, access Medicare, sponsor family members, and, if eligible, attend free English language classes. Additionally, it opens the possibility to apply for Australian citizenship.
116 (Carer) Visa
The Carer Visa (Subclass 116) is a permanent visa that lets the holder live in Australia to care for someone with a long-term medical condition lacking reasonable access to care options in the country. Visa benefits include permanent residency, the ability to work and study in the country, and travel to and from Australia for 5 years. Requirements include having an eligible sponsor who will sponsor the individual for the first 2 years in Australia, serving as a carer for an Australian relative or a member of their family who has no reasonable access to care, and remaining outside Australia during visa lodgement and decision making by the authorities.
117 (Orphan Relative) Visa
The Orphan Relative Visa (Subclass 117) allows single children under 18 years of age, with no parent to care for them, to live permanently with a relative in Australia. Holders of this visa can stay indefinitely, work and study in accordance with Australian law, enrol in Medicare, sponsor relatives to come to Australia, and apply for Australian citizenship if eligible. The major prerequisite is having no available parent to care for them, that is if their parents are deceased, unable to care for them, or cannot be located. Other requirements include having an eligible relative sponsor, and meeting Australian health and character standards. The child must be outside Australia when they apply and when the visa decision is made, and application is processed.
115 (Remaining Relative) Visa
The Remaining Relative Visa (Subclass 115) is a permanent visa allowing individuals to move to Australia and be with their only close family members. To be eligible, individuals must be outside Australia when they apply, be a remaining relative of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, and most importantly, have an assurance of support and an eligible sponsor that the Australian government approves. With this visa, holders can live in Australia permanently, work and study, access to Medicare, sponsor relatives to come to Australia and apply for citizenship if eligible.