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Resident Return Visa

After spending time abroad, people can return to Australia as permanent residents with the help of the Resident Return Visa. Knowing the ins and outs of the Resident Return Visa is crucial for keeping one’s connection to this diverse country, whether they are an expat with ties to Australia or a long-term resident hoping to return to the land Down Under.

155 (Resident Return) Visa
Individuals risk losing their permanent residency if they leave Australia after their visa’s travel validity expires. The Subclass 155 (Resident Return) Visa is crucial for Australian permanent residents or former citizens wishing to return after visa expiration. The Resident Return Visa (RRV) grants a 5-year travel facility from the visa grant date, allowing indefinite living, working, and studying in Australia. It permits activities from the original permanent visa, and holders can travel multiple times, enrol in Medicare, and sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency. Eligibility requires former citizenship or permanent residency and a demonstration of substantial ties to Australia. Applying for the RRV is essential to retain or regain permanent residency status.
157 (Resident Return) Visa
The Subclass 157 (Resident Return) Visa is for those Australian permanent residents or former Australian citizens who are looking to return to Australia after the travel facility of their previous visa expires. Subclass 157 comes with a 3-month travel facility from the visa grant date and permits individuals to stay, work, and study in Australia permanently. This visa allows holders to undertake all the activities that were previously permitted on their original permanent visa. They can travel to and from Australia multiple times during the validity of the travel facility. Additionally, 157 Visa holders can enrol in Medicare and sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence. To be eligible, individuals must have spent a minimum of 1 day and less than 2 years in the past 5 years in Australia immediately before applying for the visa. The individual should have been an Australian permanent resident or citizen the whole time they were present in Australia and must have had a compelling reason to leave the country.