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    English Training

    Master English in No Time!

    Aussie English has a competent team of professional language instructors providing complete online IELTS and PTE training. Whether it is 1-on-1 personalised training or group sessions, the team at Aussie English will guide individuals in their preferred mode of learning at their convenience. Couples have the option of applying for English training together.

    Aussie English employs effective teaching methods to improve essential skills required for IELTS and PTE exams, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The team’s experienced trainers offer invaluable insights and techniques that ensure success on an individual’s path to English fluency in just six weeks. From proficiently speaking English in different contexts to excelling in IELTS and PTE, Aussie English is well-equipped at every step.

    Aussie English is the best choice for individuals looking to master English for personal, career, or migration purposes.

    Key Features of English Training

    • Enhance your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills through interactive online sessions.
    • Access classes from anywhere, as we offer complete online coaching.
    • Choose between group and individual training options to suit your preferences.
    • Experienced and qualified trainers conduct classes.
    • Achieve fluency in English within just 6 weeks.
    • Benefit from advanced training methods and effective learning techniques.
    • Receive specialised preparation for the Migration process.
    • Master appropriate techniques for all IELTS and PTE question types to improve Listening, Reading, Writing,
      and Speaking Skills.
    • Learn Grammar and Vocabulary.
    • Receive expert advice and feedback throughout the training to continually improve your skills and score.
    • Enjoy flexible timings to accommodate your schedule.

    Specialised Classes for IELTS and PTE 

    At F4MG, we offer exclusive English training courses for the International English IELTS and PTE. Our online training is designed to help you achieve a band score of 8+ in IELTS (General and Academic) and excel in PTE (Academic). Candidates intending to apply to universities or countries abroad where English serves as the primary mode of communication are strongly encouraged to undergo our recommended training.

    We provide separate and dedicated classes for IELTS and PTE, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each test.